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As a psychologist, Jon brings new insights appreciated particularly by those within therapeutic fields of work and training. As an artist, he is able to utilise a whole range of creative techniques to bring material alive in individual and personal ways. Jon is innovative in his style, and able to weave a unique academic and creative blend which produces a lively and engaging environment for learning.
Margaret Jacobson - Manager, The Listening Centre, Oxford



Dreamcraft workshops combine theory, experiential exercises and imaginative playful creativity, and of course, plenty of discussion, providing a packed day or weekend of fun learning.

Day Workshops are suitable for:

  • Teams from organisations looking for unusual away-days
  • Artists, writers and creative professionals looking for inspiration
  • Novices thinking about training in psychotherapy or counselling
  • Psychotherapists and counsellors in training
  • Psychotherapists and counsellors needing to top up their CPD
  • Psychotherapy and counselling trainers

    Weekend Workshops are suitable for:

  • Creative professionals looking for deeper insight into psychology
  • Psychotherapy training institutes providing in-depth dream & ritual teaching
  • Psychotherapists and counsellors with a specialist interest in dream and ritual
  • Psychotherapy trainers with a specialist interest in dream & ritual

  • Course Contents

    Some subjects that I can cover in the short duration of a workshop:
  • Working with Dreams: theory and experiential exercises from different traditions.
  • Creative approaches to Dreamwork: more fun and less theoretical.
  • Working with Ritual: Demystifies the mysterious, no prior experience or beliefs necessary.
  • Introduction to Jungian Psychology: Jung's ideas in a historical perspective, together with some classic Jungian exercises.
  • Introduction to Gestalt Psychotherapy: A quick tour of Fritz Perls' core ideas, compared with other psychologists of his era.
  • Introduction to Psychosynthesis: What stands out about Assagioli's work, and why it endures.
  • Oak Leaf

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