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As a psychologist, Jon brings new insights appreciated particularly by those within therapeutic fields of work and training. As an artist, he is able to utilise a whole range of creative techniques to bring material alive in individual and personal ways. Jon is innovative in his style, and able to weave a unique academic and creative blend which produces a lively and engaging environment for learning.
Margaret Jacobson - Manager, The Listening Centre, Oxford

Dreamcraft Courses

What you will learn

Dreamcraft courses consist of 30 hours of mixed psychological and anthropological theory, experiential dream work, playful creative exploration of dreams, discussion and ritual. It is not necessary to have any prior experience or skills. However, many practising psychotherapists have found this material to be a valuable broadening of their skills.
Courses are either framed as a 15 week evening class, or as an intensive 5 day retreat. I run courses regularly, and they are publicised around Oxford, where I am based.
By the end of the course you will be able to explore the meaning of your dreams, on our own or with friends. You will also have an outline knowledge of the major psychological theories which have shaped contemporary psychotherapy and how they explain dreams, and you will be able to apply some key ideas to your own life. You will have a sound grasp of ritual theory, and how it bridges the gap between psychology and spirituality.
The ultimate purpose of the course is for you to discover more about yourself, to help you to understand yourself better, and to give you the skills to live a more aware life.


Dragons Eye
The Dreamcraft Experience

Dreamcraft courses are highly experiential. They offer an opportunity to explore your dreams directly using a variety of methods from the intensity of dream re-entry, to the light-hearted writing of fairy tales.
There is a lot of playful creativity, including clay model making, painting, story writing, mask-making. No prior skills or experience are necessary, as the aim is to use the creativity as a method of self-exploration. Skillful drawing, detailed sculpture, perfect poetry, are all actively discouraged. Messy play is what really works best!
A lot of time is devoted to exploring the emotions that come up in dreams. The techniques used in dreamcraft can release powerful feeling from the past, sometimes difficult feelings like anger and pain, sometimes positive feelings like freedom and joy. I work hard to create a safe emotional space so that participants can freely express themselves without fear of criticism, humiliation or ridicule.
By the end of the course, I hope you will have found some positive inspiration from your dreams, and that you will be able to take that forward to build a more fulfilling and satisfying future.

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