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What is Magic good for?
I experience the world as a flux of souls, weaving their colourful threads into a fabric of destiny. Magic is about intervening consciously in this process, interfering with the fabric, other souls’ threads, and our own destiny.
By and large, in my opinion, magic is best left alone. Scientific technology gives us what we need to survive, and our friends and family, conscience, and meditation or prayer, give us what we need for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
But sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes we find that, although those around us have homes and plenty to eat, we might be hungry and homeless. Sometimes, we may find that those around us are happy and fulfilled, while we are depressed and have lost our sense of meaning. Sometimes we may find that we’re being haunted or persecuted by a ghost, or we need healing that a doctor cannot provide. Sometimes a friend is in need, and we can’t help directly. Sometimes we find ourselves alone, trying to protect something of value to everyone, that nobody else appreciates.
When things have gone wrong in this way, magic, dreamwork, psychotherapy, ritual, and an individual creative spirituality may all offer some help, especially when used over an extended period. But don’t overestimate the immediate power of magic in a crisis. Never treat pneumonia with homeopathy alone, always use the antibiotics prescribed; never eschew chemotherapy for cancer in favour of dreamwork … the magic will certainly help, and may make the difference between life and death, but on its own it simply isn’t enough.
The material presented here, although brief and limited in its scope, is the distillation of decades of my own magical explorations. Other people, and traditions, espouse different beliefs, see things differently, or describe the same things using different metaphors. Don't take my word for it:- Try things out, explore, experiment and have fun. But always remember: Life is about love, and if you forget that when using magic, you can lose your way very quickly.
Magic can be used extensively to assist with healing and personal growth. Please get in touch if you'd like assistance, or more information, on how magic could help you.

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