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Astral Projection

This is the converse of lucid dreaming. In Lucid Dreaming, the practitioner enters consciousness, allowing for an aspect of conscious action to be applied to the unconscious world. In astral projection, the practitioner enters a dream state while still awake. In this state, one may have a heightened awareness of energies and other souls, and may be able to project part of one’s dream body out of the physical body temporarily.
When astral travelling, one is limited to performing emotional, or dream, acts, as it is one’s dream body that goes travelling. On the light side, one can communicate love, transmit healing energy, offer comfort, bring inspiration and encouragement, etc.
Some words of caution: It is extremely demanding to astrally project, so should not be undertaken lightly. Practitioners need to be fit and healthy, and have the opportunity to rest afterwards.
Also, if one travels too far, too frequently, the dream body starts to become less anchored within the physical body, and you may find yourself travelling at night involuntarily, or even leaving your body while awake without meaning to. If this starts happening to you, just take a rest from astral travelling for a while.
Finally, it is important to keep safe while astrally projecting:- while performing astral projection, one exposes one’s “dream body” or emotional body, outside of the normal protection of the physical body. Place yourself in an emotionally safe environment, which in some magical traditions also involves the posting of “Astral Guardians” round your body.

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