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Soul Retrieval

It has become very fashionable for self-styled modern Shamans to offer a Soul Retrieval service, especially since the publication of Brian Bates’ novel “The Way of Wyrd”.
The philosophy behind Soul Retrieval is that, in some situations, one’s soul (using the dual senses of "A Spirit which outlives the body", and "sense of meaning, destiny and spiritual wellbeing") may become lost. This may be through life events, through a curse, or simply through lack of interest in oneself. Loss of one’s soul leads, after some time, to a loss of health, and even to death.
The process of Soul Retrieval is one of entering trance, searching for one’s soul, discovering it, and returning to waking reality with one’s soul in tow. This process may take place over many sessions.
My own opinion is that the concept of a single, indivisible soul which can be either lost or found is far too simplistic. We are complex multi-faceted beings, and although parts can become “lost” in an unconscious realm, it is never our “whole selves” … moreover discovering what parts may be lost, and then retrieving them, is often a long and challenging quest or process, more accurately described in the theory of mind, and reflected in the process of psychotherapy.
While I acknowledge that the processes known as Soul Retrieval are beneficial and useful, I also feel that the claims made about it are exaggerated and over-simplified. Consequently, I do not offer Soul Retrieval per se. Instead, bring along your dreams, and let’s see where they lead …

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