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The First Dream

Individual Dreamcraft Sessions

In Depth Dream Work
Meet one-to-one in the comfort of my rural studio near Oxford (or any other place of your choice) to explore your dreams in depth. I use a broadly creative and experiential approach to working with dreams, drawing on modern approaches such as psychodrama and art therapy, as well as the more traditional methods of discussion and visualisation. I provide basic art materials including paper, brushes and paint, and will work with you to create your preferred working environment.
I've found that a good session length is about an hour, but this can be extended if you're more comfortable with a greater duration.
I do not see this process as one of "therapy", or "making you well". I see dreams as essentially spiritual in nature, and the process of working with dreams as the process of living a life. The exploration of dreams is an endeavour which brings about personal emancipation from established notions of normality, wellbeing and illness.
I am registered with a professional body which monitors my professional conduct: the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP), who require their members to adhere to a code of ethics, meet regularly with an experienced supervisor, and protect clients financially with professional indemnity insurance.
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