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Meet like-minded people to work on your dreams creatively.
Would you like to work on your dreams, but without the intensity of one-to-one sessions? Would you like to meet other people doing the same thing? Would you like to use your dreams as inspiration for your creative work? Would you just like to have some fun with your imagination?
If so, then a dreamcraft group is perfect for you.
I run 2 or 3 groups each year. We meet in the evening each week at my rural studio (close to Oxford), and work on our dreams. You will learn a variety of imaginative ways to work with dreams, most of which involve a creative exercise such as painting, mask making and story writing. However, the focus is on revealing the meanings of dreams through playfulness - as opposed to technical excellence - and no particular skills, training or experience are required.
Alongside the experiential work, you will learn some basic psychological theories and approaches to understanding yourself and your unconscious, that underpin the dream exercises.
Groups meet for 12 weeks. For the first 3 or 4 weeks we will look at your recent dreams, after which you will identify a theme that you wish to explore in greater depth. This may be a single dream, or a particular symbol which keeps cropping up in different dreams. For the next 6 weeks or so you will explore your theme creatively and imaginatively, and you will have new dreams and insights which will take you in new directions.
At this point you may feel you have taken the process far enough. For those who wish to go further, we will meet for another 2 weeks preparing to take our dreams into the sacred context of a group "rite of passage". This will give you the opportunity to make sacred commitments to yourself (or to others), to grieve the passing of a period of your life, to celebrate a new phase in your life, to rejoice in newfound interests or newly acquired skills ... whatever you need to do to round-off the experience of the group.
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