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Exhibition Invitation

Rites Exhibition 2009

This is an archive of the Rites exhibition hosted by Wolfson College, Oxford, in April/May 2009 and by the Tavistock Centre in London in June/July 2009.
The exhibition comprised 40 paintings originally presented at live outdoor events between 2001 and 2008. The paintings can either be viewed as artefacts of ritual-like activity, museum pieces holding the fetish of the occasions, in which case the additional materials on calendrical rites will be relevant, or they can be seen as paintings in their own right, recording the artist's response to a variety of natural phenomena, in which case the technical notes will be of more interest.
"The Paintings" contains links to high resolution photos of some of the paintings. Not all the paintings are represented in this section yet, I hope to complete this archive as soon as time allows.
The paintings themselves were not offered for sale at these exhibitions, and are currently housed in an outbuilding in Elsfield Manor. If required, they can be viewed by appointment with the artist.

All the commentary on these pages also appeared as part of the exhibition, this is for background interest only, providing some thoughts about modern calendrical rites in the UK and their history. I am not aiming to start telling the viewer what to think of the paintings ... rather I am using the exhibition as an excuse to share some of my enthusiasms beyond the strict task of making art.
Although I have provided a comprehensive artist's statement for the benefit of the academics and art historians, I don't see "the blurb" as being essential, or even in any way useful, for the enjoyment of the paintings. Suffice it to say I love vibrant colours, the messiness of nature and the sheer wonder of being alive: I hope that some of my enthusiasm for these things might rub off on the viewer.
If you love art there's plenty here on which to feed your soul. If you love reading about art, then there's something here for you also.
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The Exhibition

  • The Paintings
  • Technical notes on the paintings
  • Video of Performance at Private View
    The Paintings in outdoor settings
  • Introduction to Modern Calendrical Rites
  • Easter
  • May Day
  • Summer Solstice
  • Lammas
  • Harvest
  • Hallowe'en
  • Christmas
    Background material on Ritual
  • What is Ritual?
  • What is Ritual for?
  • Elements of Ritual
  • Ritual and Healing
    Background material on the Artist
  • Artist's Statement
  • Other Projects

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