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Sketches of Flowers
Sketches of Flowers for White series

The Paintings

These paintings were produced to solve a specific problem:

  • I needed to be able to decorate a variety of ritual spaces with quality art, both indoors and outdoors;
  • I needed to be able to produce pieces that were related to any ritual theme, but which could be created quickly;
  • I needed pieces that were easily transported, and not too fragile.

  • The paintings in this exhibition are the result: individual pieces each of which is carefully crafted, visually interesting, and related to natural forms; but which can be quickly arranged into larger compositions to produce temporary works appropriate to any ritual.

    Acrylic paint on a canvas support produces a durable painting which is water resistant for days at a time; this allows the paintings to be sited in an outdoor ritual space several days in advance if necessary.
    The paintings are lightweight and easily portable, and can be grouped into larger organic compositions without the interruption of the straight borders of traditional frames.
    There are four sets: Blue, Red, Green and White. Each set has been designed round a particular theme:
  • Blue: Crystals
  • Red: Fire and Sun
  • Green: Foliage
  • White: Flowers

  • The linear features are taken from sketches and the canvas is contoured from these features. Then colour is applied in response to the contours, and finally the lines are highlighted in white, black or colour. The results are organic compositions which stand on their own, but which combine together seamlessly.
    These paintings are “Living Artefacts”, will continue to be used for ritual purposes, and are not for sale.

    Sketches of Leaves

    Sketches of leaves for Green series
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