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Personal Rites

The aim of a personal rite is to improve one’s own experience of the world, by addressing emotional blockages or spiritual crises that are too private to take to the wider community.
These may be small, simple affirmations, such as “I can meet this challenge”, repeated each day, or even each hour. Or they may be more grandiose, involving sacred symbols, personal artwork, photographs of oneself as a younger person, sentimental objects, special music, incense, candles and a personal performance lasting a considerable time.
Personal Rites can be totally private, conducted on one’s own in a special place without anyone else’s knowledge. Or they can be performed in a group which meets regularly, in which everyone has a turn at performing their own rite.
I encourage people just to go ahead and be creative with these rituals. People know best what they need for themselves. It can be very rewarding to share these experiences with a small trusted group, so I also encourage people to seek out likeminded individuals and experiment together in a confidential space.
For symbols, and sacred icons, we can turn to our own spiritual traditions, or traditions we see around us including the often overlooked “little” social rituals of greetings, farewells, mealtimes, morning awakening, etc.
Our dream worlds are also a rich source of personal symbolism, which can be drafted into personal rituals. Most of the sacred rituals of spiritual traditions in the world today started out as somebody’s dream, sometimes hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago.
I have developed a particular approach to building personal symbolism from dreams, and then working those symbols into personal rituals. Based on insights of various psychotherapeutic schools, especially Jungian psychology, Psychosynthesis and Gestalt psychology, this approach is at the core of Dreamcraft, and can be used to create potent rituals which may release powerful emotions.
Dreamcraft Groups, which are a series of experiential evening classes, are aimed at anyone who would like a deeper understanding of symbolic and ritual processes. Anyone is welcome, no particular background or prior experience is necessary, but these groups may be of especial interest to artists, writers, musicians, counsellors and psychotherapists.

Contact Dreamcraft Click Here to contact me for assistance designing a personal rite, or for more information about Dreamcraft Groups.

The Second Dream

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