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A multi-artform practice.
I am a Sacred Artist:- I am entranced by the way that creative processes can draw people closer to the fabric of inspiration and purpose that give life it’s meaning. This is what I gain through my imaginative work with the arts, and what I strive to bring to those around me.
I see ceremonies both as a forum for sacred art, and as a sacred artform in their own right. I take commissions for art, video, music, theatre and text for use in ceremonies, and accept collaborative commissions with movement artists and composers to create songs and dances. I also take commissions to help design ceremonies as a whole.
Work with the Sacred, especially ritual and ceremony, requires many artforms, including poetry, theatre, painting, video, music and dance. One thing that excites me about this kind of work is that, in a ritual space, the distinction between these forms becomes blurred, and it's possible, even necessary, to explore and experiment together with other artists, with new ways of combining old skills.
The links here document a little of what I have done, and hence what I can do. Some of the pictures you can see here are for sale, others are for hire, and others can be made into cards or posters. Many are just for the fun of making something. Some of the music may be used under license, and some of the text may be used with my permission.
If you would like to own any of the images shown in this gallery, please don't hesitate to get in touch to buy the original (if available) or order a print.

Click on the buttons below to see documentation of some of my work. As the years go by, I hope to make this a more comprehensive record of my activities:

Visual ArtClick to view some of my visual work in an online gallery.

Seasonal RitesClick here to view archives of past exhibitions and events.

Personal RitesClick to listen to some of my work with music and sound.

Personal RitesClick to read some of my writing, including essays and poetry.

Contact Dreamcraft Click Here to email me to commission art, music or writing, or order a print, or enquire about copyright licensing.

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