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Welcome to Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft is the outcome of 4 decades spent following my passions through study, research, creativity and imaginative explorations.

This is a place of ideas. Some of them are the results of rigorous logical deduction, others are the untamed expression of wild passion. Most of them lie somewhere in between.

Many of these ideas are old: you will recognise theories of dream interpretation from C. G. Jung, and artistic styles dating from the modernist era.

Others are brand new: you won’t find my analysis of ritual from the perspective of theory of mind anywhere else; nothing like my Fire Sculptures, the Aquaphonics Project (with Helen JS Edwards) or the Rites series has ever been done before. All these required extensive research, experimentation and observation to bring to fruition.

You won’t like everything you find here.
Some of the ideas will be weird, challenging or absurd.
You’ll find at least some of the art or music ugly, derivative, inane, laughable or outdated.
You’ll know that some of what I’ve stated as fact is actually untrue.
You’re bound to find some of my religious and spiritual thoughts offensive.

You may even be disappointed.
I haven’t found the key to happiness.
I haven’t invented any life-changing technology.
I haven’t unearthed any secrets of ancient magic.
I haven’t painted any masterpieces to rival the Sistine Chapel.

Please enjoy what you like, and consider supporting my work in some way, such as linking to my site, mentioning me on facebook, commissioning some art, etc.
Please take away what you don’t like and do something positive with it: write your own essays, paint your own pictures, make your own music, publish your own ideas on the web.

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Training & CPDTeaching, Training, Workshops, Away Days, CPD for Psychologists

MagicWork with the Supernatural: Ghosts, spirits, astral projection, lucid dreaming

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